Silver Commemorative Half Dollar

The George Washington Commemorative half dollar was issued in 1982 to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the birth of the father of our country. This 90% silver half dollar was the first commemorative coin issued since 1954, and the first 90% silver coin issued since 1964. The uncirculated version was struck at Denver and the proof version was struck at San Francisco.

Date Description Stock # Quantity Price
1982 D Proof Washington Commemorative Half P2206 1 $35.00
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Uncirculated: An uncirculated coin is a coin with no trace of wear; still in the original mint condition. The modern commemorative issues above are specially package by the U.S.Mint to preserve their brilliantappearance.

Proof Editions: The term "Proof" refers to a method of manufacture which produces a superior quality coin. Proofs are struck on specially prepared planchets using highly polished dies. They are struck multiple times at low speed and are made expressly for collectors. Modern Proof coins are easily identified by their mirror-like finish and frostedfeatures.

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